Why Choose Luxor Medical Center Department of Pediatric Surgery?

Why is Luxor Medical Center is the best medical facility for my child?

Luxor Medical Center is the only medical facility in Luxor dedicated to the care of children, and is home to the only free-standing pediatric trauma center in Luxor. No facility in the region performs more pediatric surgical procedures per year than Luxor medical center.


Luxor medical center uses the latest technology and the most sophisticated equipment designed to meet the specific needs of children, from premature babies to high school quarterbacks. While many hospitals in Luxor claim to be “children’s hospitals,” these facilities in reality are general hospitals that offer limited children’s services. This could mean that they lack the facilities and experienced personnel necessary to provide the best possible treatment for a child. Children are not little adults. They have different needs and a different physiology. Even room temperature and surgical instrumentation must be adjusted according to the needs and size of each child.



Why should you insist on Luxor Medical Center?

No surgery is ever “routine.” Even a tonsillectomy can involve complications. And when you’re dealing with children, surgery performed at hospitals that do not make pediatrics the exclusive focus can put your child at risk. The fact is, no general surgeon, anesthesiologist, or hospital in Luxor can treat your child as effectively as Luxor medical center's team. Insist on it!



What is a pediatric surgeon?

Pediatric surgery is a recognized subspecialty that provides surgical care for children ranging from newborns to teens. Pediatric surgeons are required to complete an additional two years of pediatric-specific surgical training after achieving board certification in general surgery. These specialists have particular experience in the repair of birth defects, pediatric cancers and other disciplines.  Perhaps most of all, pediatric surgeons offer experience in caring for child victims of trauma, the number one killer of children in Egypt.



What is a pediatric anesthesiologist?

Pediatric anesthesia is one of three recognized postgraduate subspecialties of anesthesia. It requires an additional year of special training with children beyond what is required for board certification in anesthesiology.

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