Synovial problems

Synovial Problems Introduction

The synovial membrane is found in joints like your knee and shoulder. This thin membrane surrounds the inner lining of your joint. Its main function is to create synovial fluid which lubricates and nourishes the joint.


Synovial Pain

When part of your synovium becomes inflamed, it can often cause your entire joint to swell and become tender.



Small incisions (portals) are made around the joint. The scope and surgical instruments will go into these incisions.

The scope is inserted into the back of the shoulder. Saline solution flows through a tube (cannula) and into the shoulder to expand the joint and to improve visualization. The image is sent to a video monitor where the surgeon can see inside the joint.



A specialized surgical instrument is used to remove the inflamed portion of the synovium.


End of Procedure

After the removal is finished, the surgical instruments are removed and the procedure is completed.

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