Vascular Surgery

The region’s leader in vascular surgery.  

Vascular Surgery Associates at Luxor medical center is the region’s recognized leader in vascular care, performing surgeries every year more than any other vascular department in Luxor. Our board-certified vascular surgeons have extensive education and training in vascular surgery and use leading-edge medical technology to treat problems in the circulatory system, such as blocked, damaged or diseased blood vessels, including arteries, veins and the lymphatic system outside of the heart and brain.

We work closely with our physicians at Luxor medical center to provide the most advanced vascular treatments and comprehensive care for our patients and their families. 

Vascular surgeonsWhy choose Luxor Medical Center?
Performing surgeries more than any other center in the region, Vascular Surgery Associates at Luxor medical center has the most experienced team of vascular surgeons.

  • Our surgeons are all certified and have the highest level of education and training available  
  • We use the most advanced technology,and collaborate with centers to have easy access to interventions such as catheter-based intervention, to perform a comprehensive suite of procedures
  • Our patients benefit from our cooperative relationship with the Vein Care Center of Luxor medical center, offering the latest procedures for varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis and more 

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