What happens when I have surgery?

Your Cosmetic Surgeon may suggest that you stop smoking and stop taking the contraceptive pill, this will reduce the risks involved with having a general anaesthetic and will help with healing. You may be advised to lose weight to gain the best result as well as to reduce any complications. You will need to purchase a sports bra to take with you to the hospital. The size of the bra will be determined at your consultation with the Cosmetic Surgeon.

If you are a smoker, take aspirin or any other medication, your Cosmetic Surgeon will wish to discuss this with you at your consultation. Your Cosmetic Surgeon will advise you when you are to discontinue and resume these activities.




Make sure you remember to take your sports new bra with you to the hospital. The Cosmetic Surgeon will visit you in your room and mark your breasts in preparation for surgery and obtain your final consent. If you have any final questions it is important that you ask your Cosmetic Surgeon at this time.

Breast uplift (mastopexy) surgery is always carried out under a general anaesthetic and takes approximately 2 hours, or 2.5 hours if you are combining the procedure with breast enlargement surgery. When you wake up from your surgery you can expect to experience pain so you will be prescribed appropriate pain relief, which will be administered by your Nurse. On return to your room you will have your new bra over the dressing and a drainage tube inserted in each breast. These drains will be removed before your discharge from hospital.

You can expect to be in hospital for one or two days. This will be agreed with your Cosmetic Surgeon prior to your admission.


Your Cosmetic Surgeon will advise you how long to stay off work (this will be approximately two weeks depending on your occupation), how long to wear your sports bra and when you can commence normal activities. You should ease yourself gradually back into exercise over a number of weeks.

You will need someone to look after you to relieve you of your general chores, such as shopping, household duties and childcare. Please be aware that you will feel tired for the first few weeks following your surgery. Once your scars have healed, you will be able to resume normal physical activity.

It is important to keep the wounds dry during the early days and leave all the dressings intact until you return to the clinic at approximately seven days.

Please do not wear an underwired bra after surgery until you have discussed this with your Cosmetic Surgeon.

It is very important that you attend the appointments, which have been made for you to care for your wound and see your Cosmetic Surgeon post-operatively. If your stitches need to be removed, this will take place 7-14 days later, in the clinic. You will need to stay in hospital for one - two nights and take up to two weeks off work. To keep the breasts supported, you will be asked to wear a sports bra, day and night for 6-12 weeks.


You will be advised to take one to two weeks off work to fully recover, and your stitches will usually be removed approximately seven days after the surgery. For the first six to 12 weeks you will need to wear a post-surgery bra (similar to a sports bra) during the day and at night, only removing it to shower once your stitches have been removed. It is completely normal to experience bruising and swelling to the area, as well as some soreness, but this should only last between one to two weeks. Your surgeon will advise you on when you can return to normal daily activities and how soon you can begin exercising again.

Following the breast uplift (mastopexy) operation there will be scarring to the breast, the amount depends on the severity of the droop; however, it will always involve a scar around the nipple. All scars are pink in the early weeks and then gradually fade to faint white lines. After the breast uplift (mastopexy) operation you may experience reduced sensitivity to the nipple and may not be able to breast feed.



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