Is Breast Enlargement right for me?

Choosing to have Breast Enlargement Surgery

There are many reasons why people choose to have breast enlargement surgery:

  • To improve self-esteem and self image
  • To enlarge breasts that have not fully developed
  • To help create a more proportionate figure and hence make clothes buying much more enjoyable
  • Sometimes the degree of asymmetry is greater than average (very few women have symmetric breasts). By increasing the smaller breast it is possible to achieve a much better degree of symmetry
  • Following pregnancy or weight loss, the breast size can be reduced. By 'replacing' the lost tissue with an implant, the breast will look rejuvenated and full (if there is a degree of loose skin, this may require a Mastopexy (uplift).


Who should have a breast enlargement

The final decision will be made between you and your Cosmetic Surgeon. The procedure is most suitable for those patients with underdeveloped breasts, asymmetrical breast or reduced breast due to weight loss or pregnancy.

The Luxor medical center has been committed to providing excellence in Cosmetic Surgery and Non Surgical Solutions in Luxor. We have developed a full understanding of the many reasons why people have Cosmetic Surgery and how it can improve how they feel about themselves.


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