If you are a smoker, or take aspirin or any other medication, your Cosmetic Surgeon will wish to discuss this with you at your consultation. Your Cosmetic Surgeon will advise you when you are to discontinue and/or resume these activities.

The day of your arm or thigh lift surgery

The Cosmetic Surgeon will visit you in your room prior to surgery to answer any last minute questions you may have. When you wake up from the anaesthetic you will be offered pain relief should you require it. The amount of time that you will be required to stay, will be agreed with your Cosmetic Surgeon prior to your admission.

Going home after arm or thigh lift surgery

Your Cosmetic Surgeon will advise how much time you will require off work and when you will be able commence normal activities.

It is important to keep the wounds dry during the early days and leave all the dressings intact until you return to the clinic, for your follow-up checks to ensure that everything is healing properly.

It is very important that you attend the follow up post surgery appointment which has been made for you, to care for your wound and see your Cosmetic Surgeon post-operatively to make sure that you are healing well.

You will have your own personal Nurse Counsellor both before and after your procedure to support you and answer any questions you may have.


As with most cosmetic surgery procedures it is completely normal to experience swelling to the area, as well as some bruising and this will go down two to three weeks after surgery. In addition to this most patients feel tightness in their thighs and this is completely normal and this sensation will reduce at the same time as the swelling and bruising. Your stitches will be removed approximately seven days after the surgery and you will be advised to avoid exercise for a month to give your thighs time to fully recover. You will also be advised to take one to two weeks off work.


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