What happens when I have surgery?



The Cosmetic Surgeon will visit you in your room to obtain your final consent and mark the face with a pen in preparation for your surgery. If you have any final questions it is important that you ask your Cosmetic Surgeon at this time.

A face lift & neck lift involves the skillful and careful removal of excess facial skin from the neck, chin and cheek areas, under general anaesthetic. When you wake up from your surgery you will have dressings on the face and possibly drainage tubes in place.

Painkillers will be offered if required, however it is not regarded as a painful procedure, more uncomfortable due to the 'tight' feeling. You can expect to be in hospital for 1 or 2 days, any drainage tubes will be removed before you go home.


It is advisable to rest with your head propped up in the early days and avoid bending, lifting or sudden movements of the head. You will be advised on when you can wash your hair and this will help to make the removal of the stitches easier. A scarf will easily hide any bruising and swelling. Although make up can be used, it must be well away from the stitches.

It is very important that you attend the appointments, which have been made for you to care for your wound and see your Cosmetic Surgeon. It will be possible to return to work once the stitches have been removed and the bruising and swelling have settled, approximately 2 - 3 weeks.

You will have your own personal Nurse Counsellor both before and after your procedure to support you and answer any questions you may have.

Recovery from neck lift surgery

As with all cosmetic surgery procedures, the recovery time following neck lift surgery will vary depending on the patient. However, most patients will be required to stay overnight and be advised to take between one and two weeks off work to recover fully. There will be localised swelling and bruising but this should ease within 14 days of the operation to reveal younger, smoother looking skin on the neck. Any scars left by the incisions will fade quickly and will be barely noticeable due to their discreet locations behind the ears and in the hairline on the neck.


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